B.C. Ministry of Transportation / Whistler-Blackcomb Weather Stations Archive

See the DriveBC Weather website for a list of the Ministry of Transportation weather station locations.

About this Archive

The B.C. Ministry of Transportation has a network of weather stations located mainly on highways throughout the province, but also with some remote stations away from highways. Current hourly data from most (but not all) of the stations is made publicly available through the DriveBC Weather website. However, unlike other public weather data services in Canada such as the Environment Canada weather data, no archived data is available. This page exists to compensate for the lack of this useful and seemingly obvious feature. The data published on the DriveBC Weather site is archived hourly, and is available here as soon as it has been archived. The earliest archived data is March 6th, 2008. There is a gap in the archive from 7 December 2009 to 14 January 2010 (see below).

In early 2010, I added data the Whistler-Blackcomb mountain weather stations to the archive, for exactly the same reasons as I started archiving the MoT data (and because Matt asked me to). Whistler-Blackcomb do make the last 24 hours of their weather data available on their Weather System page (although the page is very hard to find), but it's not possible to go back further than that.

Why bother?

The data from the Ministry of Transport and Whistler-Blackcomb weather stations is potentially useful to anyone who has an interest in the mountains of B.C. Many of the weather stations are located at high elevations (up to 1780m in the Kootenays for the MoT sites, and 2240m at the Blackcomb Horstman Hut), and give data about local conditions in the mountains, a potentially useful supplement to the less specific historical weather data currently available to those planning travel in the backcountry.

A word of caution

It is remarkably difficult to automate the gathering of weather data in harsh mountain environments, and consequently the accuracy of the raw data archived here may be poor. Also, while the weather station data should be archived exactly as published on the Ministry of Transport / Whistler-Blackcomb websites it is always possible that something could go wrong with the archiving process. Please consider this carefully when using the data.

I believe that mountaineering and back-country travel is about fostering self-reliance and being responsible for one's own decisions. Part of the reason I built this archive is because I find that more information helps me, personally, make better more appropriate decisions. However, information alone is no substitute for experience and knowledge about how to interpret the information, and its reliability. Whatever your personal reasons for accessing this archive, please note that all use of the information in this archive, for whatever purpose, is entirely at your own risk.

Useful tips

You can bookmark pages produced by the archive (after you click "Go") to refer back to them later. Also, if you leave the start and end dates blank, the archive assumes you want the last two weeks worth of data. So if you want to routinely check one weather station, you can leave the dates blank, and bookmark the resulting page... that page will always give you the data from the last two weeks for that weather station.

Problems / suggestions

Can you think of a way you would like to access this data that isn't possible at the moment? Did something go wrong? Please contact me and let me know.

Note: Missing Data December 2009 / January 2010

The structure of the DriveBC Weather site was updated in December 2009, resulting in data not being gathered. This was compounded by a technical problem at my end, which meant that I did not realise until January 2010. As a result, there is no data in the archive between 7 December 2009 at 5am, and 14 January 2010 at 9am. Sorry for any inconvenience.