Mark #2 - NoBorder

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FIRST in html source

This page was adapted from by Matthew Carroll - kudos to Doug!

Note, there is a bug in opera 7 which is causing this layout to display incorrectly. Very frustrating seeing as how it works in IE 5.5 :-(

The original layout (with the columns ordered left to right in the source - link above) works fine in opera 7. The good news is that I tested this with opera 8 beta, and it works fine, so hopefully we can start using this layout soon, once opera 8 is released, since from what I can tell opera users tend to upgrade quickly, although Opera usage stats are always uncertain. If anyone can figure out a workaround for opera 7, do please let me know.

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SECOND in html source

Why this is cool:

  • Main content comes first in the source – great for accessibility
  • Any total width, easy to modify
  • All inline, so footers are possible
  • Fixed width left and right columns, fluid center
  • Full height columns

THIRD in html source